Services & Pricing

Monthly Webalizer Report

Optionally, we will send you a monthly report on how your Website is performing in terms of statistical traffic provided by bluehost's webalizer.

Domain Name

Your account comes with 1 FREE domain name. Additional domains can be purchased for an annual price of $25 / domain.

Search Engine Submission

After completing and publishing your new Website, we will submit your domain to all of the major search engines.

Website Back-ups

At any given moment there are at least 6 copies of your Website being stored on both remote servers and local hard drives.

Plans start at $85 / month

$5 / month discount if fees are paid 1 year in advance. Pricing based on individuals / non-profit organizations. Higher discounts available for Small Business and Large Business rates.

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$58 / hour

PhotographerNeed to feature a special event on your Website and Social Media? Caitlin can capture the moments of that event as digital stills.

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Technology Professional
$75 / hour

Anthony can hangle a lot, including virus repair, hardware repair, network (wired/wireless) set up, server set-up, computer training, software install, software recommendation, POS systems, smart phone consulting, audio/video set up and more. Anthony can also build you a personalized computer for your home, studio, business, or for gaming (all at a fraction of the cost of the big chain stores).

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Also Included

  • Virtual Private Server Hosting
  • 1 Free Template
  • Email Accounts / Forwarders
  • Contact Forms via Wufoo or PHP
  • Social Media Set-up & Admin
  • Streaming Video Set-up
  • Website Maintenance / Updates