The Spring Olympics Presented by

Charities Represented:

ALS Association

Represented by
Jordan and Mindy Mester

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Faith. Act. Go.

Represented by
Dave and Jen Dakin

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Help Pregnancy

Represented by
Michael and Emma Fiorenzio

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Life International

Represented by
Mike and Jen Endres

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Represented by
Mark and Angie Horjus

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Love Your

Represented by
Ron and Kim Cipcic

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Mental Health America

Represented by
Clayton Gibson and Rebecca Velasco

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Alpha of
Grand Rapids

Represented by
Kenny and Charity Webbley

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The 14th Annual Spring Olympics was held on June 3rd, 2023 at 12:30pm at

In 2009 the Spring Olympics began as something fun. A lot of work goes into the planning each year, and founder Michael Endres wanted to make that work more meaningful. Thus, in 2012, the games became a charitable event, combining fun with giving back to the community.

Here is how it works. 8 teams consisting of 2 players each compete in a series of back yard games. Each team chooses a team color and a charity to represent. Each player pays a buy-in. In the end, the winning team has the entire purse donated to their charity in their names.

The scoring is as follows. Each player earns a bonus point for their team if they wear their team colors to the Olympics. There are 7 bracketed games. Each team is gauranteed to play each other team once in the first round. Each game is single elimination. The first place team gains 5 points. The second place team gains 3 points. The two third place teams gain 1 point. There is also a mini Hockey Shot game to start the Olympics in which each team can earn a maximum of 4 points.

In the end, bronze, silver and gold medals are awarded. In the event of ties, there is an 8th game that must be played to break medal ties. This 8th game is also the alternative game; if both teams mutually decide that they do not want to compete against each other in an event they may instead play the alternate game.

Winning Teams:
2023 - Kenny & Charity Webbley
2022 - Jordan & Mindy Mester
2021 - Mike & Jen Endres
2020 - Cancelled due to the Pandemic
2019 - Jordan & Mindy Mester
2018 - Mike & Jen Endres
2017 - Jordan & Mindy Mester*
2016 - Jason & Ashley Martin
2015 - Jason & Ashley Martin
2014 - Jason & Ashley Martin
2013 - Marty Giaimo & Dave Dalstra
2012 - Marty Giaimo & Ray Llewellyn
2011 - Marty Giaimo & Mike Endres and Clayton Upper & Matt Roscoe (tie)
2010 - Marty Giaimo & James Spees
2009 - Jason Shemmel & Anna Smitterberg

* In 2017, the games were held at Mike & Jen's wedding reception. Since Mindy & Jordan won two out of the three events, they are considered the 2017 winners.

Past Winners

2023 - Alpha of Grand Rapids

2022 - ALS Association of Michigan Chapter

2021 - D.A. Blodgett St. John's

2020 - Event Cancelled

2019 - NICU Helping Hands' Angel Gown® Program

2018 - D.A. Blodgett St. John's

2016 - Compassion International

2015 - Family Life Today

2014 - Vanguard Charter Academy

2013 - American Diabetes Association

2012 - National Multiple Sclerosis Society


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Your donation will be applied to the 2023 winning charity.

The Games

  • Mini Game: Badminton

  • Fowling

  • Ping Pong


  • Corn Hole

  • Euchre

  • Kan Jam

  • Miniature Golf

  • Alternate Game: Wii

Message from Mike

Michael Endres

We have a generous God. Let's reflect the light of His Son and be generous as well.”

Mike Endres